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Our Full 5 Step Programme

Step 1

Call or text our weight-loss consultant Siobhan Fox on 07468 478360 and tell us about your weight-loss struggles. If we can help you we’ll book you in for a free 30-minute consultation with a patient care manager and a doctor.

Step 2

At your free 30 minute consultation, the doctor will ask you more questions, weigh you, stand you on a body composition monitor, take your blood pressure and explain how we can help. If you then want to join Slimming Medics, the doctor will agree on a programme for you.

Step 3

Come back a week later for a 15 minute follow-up appointment to monitor your progress. You are quite likely to be excited because you have probably already lost a few pounds.

Step 4

Visit us on a regular basis. The doctor will, every visit, address a specific topic with you and encourage you to watch some videos; exercise; sugar; carbs; alcohol; glycaemic load; lifestyle habits etc. Consider us as your weight-loss club, here to support you through your journey to become the person you want to be.

Step 5

Once you’ve reached your goal, we encourage you to join our free maintenance programme. Visit us on a monthly basis to be weighed, have your ‘body composition analysis’ done and come away with a bit of encouragement. Understandably, many of our patients become our friends!


We believe in safe, sustainable weight loss – not crash diets, with the support of a doctor who can prescribe you, if appropriate, appetite suppressants which will halve your hunger.

* Results may vary from person to person.

We offer medical weight loss plans. A fully qualified doctor will monitor you throughout your weight loss. It is important to recognise, that results will, always, vary from person to person. The factors affecting your personal weight-loss journey will be explained at our free, in-person, initial consultation.

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