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Appetite Suppressants

We use pharmaceuticals manufactured in the UK under a special Home Office license to help control your appetite while you learn to adjust to your new eating programme and lifestyle. These are well-established medicines that have been used in the U.S.A. Canada and Australia for over 30 years. They are known as anorectics – that means they work by stimulating the sympathetic nervous system to increase the blood levels of various naturally occurring chemicals such as serotonin and nor-adrenaline to act on your appetite. It’s been described as slightly putting you in a ‘fight or flight’ condition. They are non-addictive and must not be confused with amphetamines which have a different chemical structure

Patients, when they first take the medication, may have some short-term side effects.  Some say that they feel it gives them a boost of energy or a dry mouth and sometimes a restless night or two. You might have mood changes; and feel somewhat tense, jittery or have a headache. Invariably, these side effects pass after 2-3 days, and to minimise them the doctor would normally put you on a lower dose for the first week or two to see how you do.  Later, she/he may increase your dose. We encourage you to drink plenty of water to counter the ‘dry mouth’ and to prevent constipation – after all – you’re eating less. Your body does get used to these meds and the doctor will, after 3 months, give you a short break from them so that your body can readjust itself.

The most effective time to take the medication differs from one patient to another, but the doctor will usually advise you to take the medication in the morning, generally 12 hours or so before bedtime. If you start feeling hungry in the evening you may want to try taking your dose a little later in the morning. Discuss this with our doctor at your consultation who will give you a Patient Information Leaflet.

These appetite suppressants can react with other medications so it is important to tell the doctor if you are taking any. The main ones to be careful with are antibiotics, anti-fungal preparations, painkillers, steroids and anti-depressants.

Natural Appetite Suppressants.

Some patients cannot be prescribed medication by the doctor who may offer Meratol and/or Chromium Polynicotinate instead.

Meratol is a natural product for the prevention of obesity. It contains a glycoprotein complex derived from Seaweed extract proven to reduce up to 82% of carbohydrates, Capsiplex blends to burn carbohydrates, Prickly Pear extract to increase metabolic rate, and Cactus extract to help reduce fluid retention. 

Chromium Polynicotinate is most often prescribed to reduce sugar cravings. It is a mineral required for the regulation and or stimulation of blood sugar, fat and cholesterol as well as the function of insulin. It is involved in the metabolism of glucose and is often lacking in our soil and water, and by a diet high in white flour, refined sugars and junk food. Major hospital and university studies have suggested that the supplementation of chromium may control cholesterol and promote fat loss.

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