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I’m a busy mum of three from High Wycombe. I put on weight after my kids and had yo-yoed on all the usual diets that I bet you’ve tried too. With Slimmingmedics I lost three stone between December 14 and March 15 and more important - I’ve kept it off! The doctors were lovely. If you want to speak to me about my experience, please leave your details and I’ll be happy to call you as I know how you’re feeling. Kelly (High Wycombe)

'I lost two stones two years ago and put on only 3 pounds since. I'm still ecstatic'. Angela H (Bracknell)

'My partner just adores my body now!' Julia S (Wokingham)

It was when my GP said I'd probably get Type 2 diabetes that I called them. They really care about you and your health.' Shazia K. (High Wycombe)  

'I was once 9 stones. Kids - life - stuff happened and I ballooned to 16 stones. I'm now 10 1/2 stones and a different person.' Caroline N (Reading)

'The doctor - she really was wonderful!' Cathy M (Beaconsfield)

'My GP was happy with my weight loss after 3 months. I was over the moon!' David B. (Reading)


Siobhan and Teneika, talk about their experiences using our weight loss programme

'Marie talks about her experiences with Slimmingmedics. Thanks Marie! X'

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