Complementary Services

Cosmetics Services.
Also based in Woodley and High Wycombe there is a doctor trained in cosmetic treatments who independently offers the following treatments.
-    Anti-wrinkle injections: £75 per area with 10% discount for further areas. (£67.50).
-    Derma Fillers.
-    Anti-aging treatments.
-    Skin rejuvenation.
-    Acne treatment.
-    Excessive sweating treatment.
Call or text 07775 940255 to book your free consultation.

Julia Searle ,Life Coach
Call/Text Julia on 07515 019178 for a free consultation

What's holding you back? What's stopping you from achieving all you dreamed of achieving? Julia, once a Slimmingmedics patient, can help you get you where you want to be.

Chiropractic Services.
Also based in Woodley, there is a chiropractor who can independently help those with back and joint and neck problems.
Contact Dr Richard Grey. 1st Chiropractic Service.  Tel: 01189 692649: 07881735764.

Allergy & Health Test Clinic.
Also based in Woodley there is an approved practitioner who independently can help those with allergies etc.
Contact Kathy Bradfield: 07780 901507

Complementary Services

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